Warranty terms and conditions

Warranty terms and conditions

All Jimmy JIBMY products offer a one-year free warranty.

In the correct use case, from the date of the first purchase, the missing is caused by defects in the manufacturing process and raw materials, the repair or replacement of missing parts can be selected, and no labor costs for any maintenance will be charged.

The warranty for all JIMMYJIB products does not apply to product misuse, misuse, use in the opposite manner of operation, neglect, normal wear or tear, modification of product design, structure, or service from unauthorized third parties. Repair service or misuse by an unauthorized third party will automatically revoke the warranty. Request for warranty must be submitted in writing to the manufacturer or through a designated authorized distributor/distributor for verification.

The following conditions are not covered by the free warranty:

Damage due to irresistible factors or improper use by the user

Irresistible natural disasters cause damage

Man-made damage caused by self-repair, installation, and disassembly

Product tamper proof seal is torn open

Unrecognized product serial number

Note: For products that are out of warranty, the cost of repairs shall be borne by the user. The service phone is subject to change without prior notice. Please log in directly to the company's website or send an e-mail to us.